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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Essential don't forget items for Plein Air Artists

Ever become a tasty snack for a swarm of hungry biting insects and wish you had some bug spray? Ouch! How about having a sopping brush and realizing you forgot your roll of towels or rags or better yet you set up your pochade box and go for your paints only to realize you left them next to your easel at home? Maybe some of you are nodding your head and chuckling and know too well what I am relating. Sometimes forgetting supplies can be just down right frustrating though the forgetfulness does make for some good jokes and story telling. But the lack of efficiency can take away from constructive painting time, which is no joke. Through years of plein air painting experience I have learned to carry some extra supplies on hand because I have had those days where I in my haste I forgot something at the house or left it along the side of the driveway. So to prepare for those inevitable opps duh moments, I keep the following plein air staples in the trunk of my car:

Bug repellant (seasonal)
Hat (Wide brimmed-Summer & knit-Winter)
Gloves (seasonal)
Bag of cut up rags
Extra canvas panels
Small box of spare paints/palette
Spare brushes

These supplies have come in hand quite a few times and I can definitely say they have saved me time, energy and sanity. :) If you have some interesting fun tales to tell about your oops duh moments, I would love to hear them! Happy painting!


  1. Dear Gary,
    Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog! Cheers!!