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Monday, March 16, 2009

Drawing-Returning to the Basics

Recently I rediscovered drawing and it has been a delight to return to the basics! As of late plaster life casts have been the focus of study and they are wonderful to learn from.  If anything that I have learned from my drawing foray and I say foray cheekily, is that one must really understand not only how to create linear elements but also know how to model and shape through a multitude of black and white values.  I now have a broader understanding and a greater appreciation of just how difficult drawing can be and in some cases some drawings can require as much time to execute as a painting!


  1. good to see your work again, and don't you think that drawing is harder then painting sometimes? i do.

  2. Hi Diana, I just drew a cast today, too! I need to do it more often, for sure!! I really enjoy your posts! Thanks! Karen