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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recent Plein Aire works from Maine


  1. Hey Diana,

    I love these, beautiful colors. Are these on Linen?

    Best Jason

  2. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for dropping in and checking my work out! Some of the works are on linen and a few are on canvas panels.

  3. Dear dianna K.
    I was using Jose' parramons pallet from his book color theory and was stumped and then went to the Prismatic Pallete and knocked out some good colors. I really like your work and your touch, It must be in the northern waters.
    I jump around a lot and was in a rut for years but I do believe Dumonds idea's are pristine. Its kind of like quicksilver or throwing at a moving dart board trying to find the righ colors. But with your palette it
    eases the strain and you get to the shades faster than most. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. there seems to be more to color than local. Jose's formula for shadows is you add Blue, the local color and the complementary. I use a lot of palette knife.
    When stumped i mix red yellow blue green in light tints and just start jux a posing till some vibration happens or the same with the darker tints. Has nothing to do with logic but it sure is fun. Mike again